Many seniors especially those who are ill informed about the existence of different Medicare Advantage plans and its benefits do find the selection to be a confusing and tricky process. Hence, it becomes important to find out the available advantage plans in the state and go through each of them to know its features and benefits offered. Knowing self rights will help the person to take the right decision and investment and enjoy quality medical care without bothering about finances.

Right time to buy

Open Enrollment Period is the perfect time to purchase Medicare Advantage plans for self and spouse. This is the period when the person turns 65 years of age. It is this period, when he/she cannot be denied or refused insurance due to any pre-existing condition. But missing out the open enrollment period does not mean that the person has something to worry. Rather, he/she still has the legal rights to go ahead and purchase choice of Medicare Advantage plans from their favorite private insurance provider.

What are the rights of an individual for buying Medicare Advantage plans?

The government guarantees its senior citizens to purchase advantage plan which is termed as ‘guaranteed issue rights’. These rights state that the insurance company is to comply with the state rules in 3 different ways.

  • Not charge more for the policy based on health issues, be it past or currently.
  • To cover all pre-existing conditions within the insurance policy.
  • Sell advantageal Medicare insurance

How to switch to advantage from other plan coverage?

Several situations do exist where the senior citizens are offered with guaranteed right to purchase Medicare Advantage plans or Medigap policies. One such factor is when the person has Medicare Advantage coverage. The person may either move away from the plan coverage area or the plan could leave Medicare. People in this category can apply for choice of advantage plans within a period of 63 days after termination of existing health coverage.

The other time when the person has guaranteed right avail Medicare advantageal plan is when his/her union or group health plan coverage terminates. It can include COBRA or retiree coverage. But care should be taken to apply for the advantageal plan within the period of 63 calendar days after existing coverage terminates. Again if using Medicare SELECT plan and moving out of coverage area, then it is possible to switch to new Medigap plan offered in the state.