Evidence-Based Practices: What We Do

Step 3: Solutions Practice Guides

What is a Practice Guide?

Practice guides may be as simple as a few principles or a series of steps that can be followed to implement a practice, or as detailed as a description of procedures that can be incorporated to achieve a similar effect to that identified in the research synthesis. A practice guide may be developed in the form of a user-friendly brochure, newsletter, Power Point presentation, video, audio-tape, and/or narrative in which the relationship between characteristics and outcomes is carefully described and explained.

Practice guides designed by Research and Training Center staff are prepared in a "how-to" format that provides practitioners and parents with the information necessary to use a practice to achieve a desired outcome.

How are Practice Guides Developed?

Practice guides are developed when a research synthesis supports the use of a particular practice. The characteristics of the practice identified in the research synthesis are the basis for the development of the practice guide. Particular attention is given to who participates in the practice, the steps or procedures that a practitioner or parent can follow when implementing the practice, where the practice can be done to achieve the desired results, and how a practitioner or parent can imitate the necessary behaviors to achieve the most positive outcome. In cases where study practices are similar, but not identical, the characteristics described in the highest quality studies are emphasized.

Practice guides undergo external review and field testing before they are made available to parents and practitioners.

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