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Centerscope articles provide detailed information about the conceptual and operational framework used to guide RTC activities. Articles also include descriptions of adult-learning strategies and the results of field tests that have been conducted by Research and Training Center staff.

Currently available for download from the Center for Evidence-Based Practices (in Adobe Acrobat format):

Coming Soon:

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Bridges are practice-centered research syntheses of topics related to early childhood development. These syntheses involve systematic analysis and integration of small bodies of research that have investigated the same or similar practices and the same or similar outcomes.

Bridges available for download:

(Bridges are in PDF Format. Download the Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader for free here.)

Current Bridges in development:

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Bottomlines are one- to two-page summaries of the practice-based research syntheses. Bottomlines describe the practice that constitutes the focus of analysis and inform the reader about the extent to which available research evidence supports the practice. These summaries, written in a user-friendly, newspaper article format are designed for practitioners and parents. The following Bottomlines are available for download in Adobe Acrobat PDF format:

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Practice Guides

Practice guides are principles, a series of steps, or a description of phases that can be implemented to achieve a similar effect to that identified in the research synthesis. A practice guide may be developed in the form of a user-friendly brochure, newsletter, video, audio-tape, and/or narrative in which the relationship between characteristics and outcomes is carefully explained. Practice Guides are still in development, and will soon be available online.

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Snapshots are brief summaries of recent research findings on early childhood intervention practices.

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