Centerscope Logo spacer Centerscope articles provide detailed information about the conceptual and operational framework used to guide Research and Training Center activities. Articles also describe the history of evidence-based practice, evidence-based strategies for dissemination and utilization, and the results of field tests that have been conducted by RTC staff.

Bridges Logo spacer Bridges are practice-based research syntheses of topics related to early childhood development. These syntheses involve systematic analysis and integration of small bodies of research that have investigated the same or similar practices leading to the same or similar outcomes.

Bottomlines Logo spacer Bottomlines are one- to two-page summaries of the practice-based research syntheses. Bottomlines describe the practice and inform the reader about the available research evidence to support the practice. These summaries, written in a user-friendly format, are designed specifically for practitioners and parents.

Solutions Logo spacer Solutions Tool Kits include descriptions of methods and strategies that can be implemented to achieve an effect similar to that reported in a particular research synthesis. Solutions Tool Kits include user-friendly brochures, newsletters, video tapes, and PowerPoint presentations where the relationship between characteristics of the practice and the results that can be expected is carefully explained. Solutions Tool Kits are designed to be used by parents and early childhood practitioners. Solutions Tool Kits include four types of practice guides:
If It Fits Logo spacer If It Fits ideas pages are two-page newsletters packed with creative ideas and suggestions for using evidence-based early childhood practices.

Cornerpiece Logo spacer Cornerpiece brochures offer a concise description of an evidence-based practice, how to carry it out, and how to tell if it is working.

Cornerpiece Logo spacer PowerPiece narrated PowerPoint slide presentations include step-by-step guidelines and vividly illustrate evidence-based Early childhood practices in use in ordinary homes and childcare settings.

Cornerpiece Logo spacer StraightCuts videotapes present engaging views of young children and their families and caregivers as they experience evidence-based early childhood intervention practices as part of everyday activities.